Workers' Compensation Program

In an effort to drive down the impact of workers' compensation costs for employers, Endeavor Rehab Center has tailored physical therapy programs to provide high quality, expedient care to workers' comp patients. Our goal is to return them to work as quickly and safely as possible, thereby lowering the cost to employers.

How the program works:

Physical and Hand Therapy: With our certified hand therapists (CHT) and a certified manual therapist (FAAOMPT) on staff, we provide the best physical therapy care in Austin with our highly certified and qualified clinicians.

  • We educate patients about their injury and give them home exercises for increased rehab results
  • We provide preventative and wellness care that focuses on preventing future injuries
  • Expedient scheduling: To reduce time off from work, Endeavor Rehab Center schedules workers' compensation patients within 24 hours of receiving their referral
  • We participate in numerous workers' comp networks

To request your appointment for workers compensation call Endeavor Rehab Center at (512) 284-7192 or request an appointment online.

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