Hand Therapy

There are countless ways your hands may become injured. Because your hands and wrists are in constant motion each day, they are susceptible to overuse injuries, such as tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Problems can occur from normal wear and tear in the muscles and joints such as arthritis. Also, hand problems may develop because of certain medical conditions such as diabetes, pregnancy, and autoimmune or metabolic disorders.

Your hands also serve as a protective mechanism for your body and are vulnerable when mishaps occur. For example, you use your hands to protect yourself by shielding against potentially dangerous objects and breaking falls. Due to this protective reaction, the bones of the hand and wrist are commonly fractured. In addition to these dangers, the hands are susceptible to cuts, abrasions and burns that can result in damaged tendons, nerves or even lead to infection.

Endeavor Rehab Center in Austin, Texas offers specialized hand therapy services for treatment of hand and upper extremity injuries and disorders, in addition to outpatient physical therapy services.

What is hand therapy?

Your hands contain an intricate system of nerves, blood vessels, tendons, ligaments, muscles, joints and bones that work together to provide motion and sensory information, such as touch and temperature. Because of the complex structure of the hand and wrist, it is advisable to seek rehabilitation from a therapist who has specialized training in treating the hand and upper extremity.

A certified hand therapist (CHT) or a skilled clinician with significant experience in treating hand and upper extremity injuries, will use therapeutic intervention, modalities, splinting and manual techniques specifically developed for the hand, wrist, elbow, arm and shoulder.

At Endeavor Rehab Center, we have two highly trained Certified Hand Therapists on staff who are dedicated to providing unparalleled care and an individualized treatment plan that will get you back to work, to play and to living, as quickly as possible. Conditions of the hand and upper extremities that we treat include:

At Endeavor Rehab Center, your hands are in good hands. For superior hand therapy from qualified clinicians, call our Physical Therapy office in Austin, TX at (512) 284-7192 or request an appointment online.

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